Better Living Through Home Decor


I’ve never been the type of person not to know exactly what to do with a room. To me, a room begs for what it needs, just like your coffee begs to be stronger, or creamier, or sweeter, whatever your taste.


When I’m doing showings with clients, there will occasionally be a room with a set-up that is tricky and my favorite thing is to show them the possibilities. The TV could go there, you could get that kind of seating, a queen bed is 80″x60″ so you have plenty of room for that and a tallboy dresser. People keep telling me that they like my style and they want my advice, so GUESS WHAT. You’re getting it.


I’ve always liked decorating, since I was a kid even (my childhood bedroom still sports an aborted attempt at beading a wall… yes, with seed beads… by hand.) And at this point in my Pinteresting career, I have about 38,000 ideas on what to do with your ceiling. So, if you’re stuck, if your room, or rooms or SOON TO BE RENOVATED RV don’t excite, soothe or inspire you then I would love to help make that happen for you.


To that end, I’m doing 5 projects free of charge so I can start building up a healthy portfolio of befores-and-afters. Do you live in Chicago and have a room that could be about 100x more awesome? Let me know, either in the comments, or by contacting me at I meet my very first design clients tomorrow at 1pm… will you by my second?

(All rooms designed by yours truly using the DesignHome app, which is super addicting and I highly recommend)



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