(Floor) plans

The Flintstones


Last year I started this blog with no real aim other than my brokerage told me I should create an online presence (ha), then stopped when they wanted me to switch to using their spammy template blog.

This year I continue, because a wise and successful coworker said I should do whatever I want (I can be highly suggestible) and also with the intention of continuing to create a place for you to learn more about yours truly, and why you want to have me as your realtor and/or decorator (yep, rolling that out too. The two complement each other like black and florals). I’m creative, responsive, respectful, and a skillful negotiator, and I have many clients and friends who will tell you the same. But ENOUGH ABOUT ME.

Check out these brilliant floor plans created by people that spend a lot of time binge watching TV.

The Jetsons
Sex and the City
I Love Lucy


This guy  has a ton of great floor plans and maps (think: Mayberry) he’s drawn that you should check out. Mary Richards’ is one of my all-time favorite TV apartments. Maybe I should frame his rendition?



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