DIY: Watercolor String Lights


This weekend, my cat Bart clearly needed to go to the vet, but I just didn’t have time to take him with all the showings I had scheduled for the day. Enter my neighbor Megan, who dropped everything at 8 in the morning to come over and take his meowling butt to the clinic. Great friends and neighbors are a blessing!

I wanted to give her something, but I’m a notoriously bad gift giver. Then I remembered Megan saying she wanted battery-operated lights for the tent she has set up in her art studio. Ah ha….


Target has these battery-operated white paper lantern string lights all year round except for yesterday. They had plug-in paper string lights, and then these cheap battery operated lights that I couldn’t paint they way I had imagined (they’re metal). So I bought both.



I passed over the round lanterns for these cool star-shaped ones and gently pulled the light out from the back. Same for the cheap ones.


I got my watercolors out. Bart helped (Bart loves crafts.)


My watercolor set is the only set out there that doesn’t come with a brush, so I improvised and used little scraps of paper towel and experimented with varying levels of wetness to get the dreamy look I was going for. The stars only needed a few minutes to dry.


I put my dried and painted stars onto the battery powered lights. A couple pieces of clear tape solved the slight, light-hole size discrepancy.


And voila! Useful, personal, pretty. Might be the best gift I’ve given yet! How would you add your personal flair to plain paper string lights?


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