7946 W Catherine St., Norwood Park IL

I went to check out this two-bed,  1 bath ranch house near O’Hare airport and totally fell in love with its old-school flavor.


Sunken living room? Check.


Mustard appliances? Check! (Also, an ovenless kitchen… bizarre!)


And dreamy wallpaper, check check check. This one is my favorite, from the bathroom. You see, if the snowflakes are pink, they’re all-season.


The Wes Anderson-y, asbestos-tiled basement was my favorite part of the house, complete with a bar for drinking Pernod and listening to Serge Gainsbourg records at.

Pro tip: unless asbestos tiles are crumbling, leave them be because of their outstanding durability (and expense to remove). You can tell right away if that’s what they’re made of, because they will almost always be 9″x9″.

This is what I love in a house. Lots of vintage idiosyncrasies to discover, though ripe for a big makeover, but completely ready to move in. Drop it in the middle of the city and I.am.there.


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