Make It How You Want It


See that painting of the flowers? It’s a much-needed filler of empty wall space that had been gnawing at me. I’d been wanting to get my mitts on a Dutch Masters style still-life print (or vintage oil, if I were so lucky!) but none were to be found, or at least, not at the price I wanted them to be. Then I found this bad boy at the thrift for $3.


But, it looked like this… kinda late 80’s, early 90’s in a blech kinda way. The overall low-contrast palette was counter to that Dutch Masters aesthetic I was going for, but did I just leave it there? No!


In less than an hour, I was able to use some black oil paint from an old project and painted in the background, being sure to keep my strokes feathery around the flowers. Near-instant gravitas!


If something is almost “your thing” but not quite, a little bit of creativity can get it there!


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