Work With What You Got


Pictured above is the bed (or, how it was) in my Airbnb bedroom. I have some guests coming tomorrow, so I put some candy-filled, glittery Easter eggs on their pillows. If I have time to hit Walgreens, I’ll make a little grassy nest for them to lay on, too. 😉

The two watercolors are from a 1960’s-era art student’s sketchbook  that I bought on Etsy. I always really liked them in there, but always wished there were three. Also there was this weird, annoying screw (to the left of the picture on our left) that prevented me from hanging the pictures in a way that wasn’t slightly off-center.

Did I mention I don’t have a drill? I bought a power screwdriver by mistake, and it isn’t up to the task of getting that screw out because it. is. IN. there.

Then I had this mirror, that I had spraypainted a gradient from gold to black that I never had a place for, and just propped it up in the corner of the room. Not too great, but not terrible either. Today, I had a fit of needing to fix that, and decided I wanted the mirror to go in the middle of the two pictures. But again, the drill problem. And the not having any spare wall-anchors problem. It’s a heavy mirror.

So, feeling lazy, I just stuck the mirror onto the existing screw.



I moved the picture on the right, to the left by a couple inches and voila! I really love what’s going on here. The asymmetrical thing is really intriguing to me. Also, now guests have a mirror at eye level. And also, now the above-bed area feels balanced. I felt that this placement really illustrated a couple of home decor-oriented lessons, which are: don’t worry if you don’t have a drill. “Lean in” to the weird idiosyncrasies in your home that you’ve been trying to “fix”. And work with what you got!



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